Since you've come this far, I bet you're trying to figure out if we're your kind of people. Let me tell you a bit about us!

My husband, CJ (who you'll actually meet a little further down), and I got married FIVE whole years ago. Back then we weren't wedding photographers  & videographers (or even photographers at all yet!), we we're just two kids who fell in love and decided to put together a wedding.  

Hey! we're so glad you've made it here. 

I'm Julie. A Springfield, Missouri Photographer who has 100% been in your shoes. 

Davison Visuals

a little bit about

Julie is a born and raised Denver Broncos fan while CJ came out of the womb doing the tomahawk chop. 

A house divided


Julie is from Marionville and CJ is from Salem! You won't believe the amount of people we run into while doing weddings.

We both grew up in small towns



We met on Tinder in 2016. You know, before it was cool to meet people on Tinder. So we always made up different stories to tell everyone how we met.

We may have met on tinder


Our favorite trip was our Washington D.C. trip where we got to tour the White House!

New York City is a close second.

together we've travelled to 23 states


We've been photographing and filming weddings since 2021. CJ originally took over as my video editor, but after teaching him how to film some high school hype videos he decided to become my lead videographer and second shooter.

We started our business as wedding photographers in Kansas City, but CJ's full time teaching and coaching job eventually moved just back home to Springfield, Missouri. 

Together we have two boys, Trey and Landry, a golden retriever named Luke Skywalker, and a deep addiction to Gordon  Ramsay shows.


We know first hand how important your memories are.

Once upon a time, we we're planning our own wedding! And now we're planning a re-do!

Our wedding day was pure chaos in the funniest way. Basically, I was young and easily impressionable and just let everyone else plan our wedding. 

We learned from those moments that when we weren't authentic to who we were it felt like we we're strangers at our own wedding. Our photos came out stiff and awkward because we didn't choose a photographer we loved. (Okay, she wasn't actually a photographer. She was my Mother-in-laws friend. It's a long story).

Because of that wedding day, we decided we wanted a do-over. Now we're in the process of planning and prepping our vow renewal and I get to be a planning bride all over again! 

It was so important that we remembered ourselves having a good time at our wedding that we knew we needed to do it all over again. Do yourself the favor of choosing to make yourself a priority at your own wedding so you don't have to re-do it like us. 

My advice is this:

-Hire the photographer you love & vibe with
-Hire the planner or coordinator so you don't have to lift a finger
-Buy the dress of your dreams even though you'll only wear it once
-Pick the venue that reflects who you both are
and most importantly
-Have the best day of your life. Because it goes by way too fast.

Ready to connect? Same here! I'm dying to learn all the deets.



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